Building bridges between projects

Beyond the participating teams, the GINCO project is linked to other research groups, projects or collaborations. Among these collaborations, two will be the subject of shared reflections and work, particularly in the context of the implementation of social and pathway indicators; these collaborations will be an opportunity to draw on complementary expertise and disciplines, particularly sociology.

GENDHI: Gender and Health Inequalities.

This project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) (2020-2026). It aims to study how gender intersects with other social relations (e.g. with social class inequalities) to construct social inequalities in health, from infancy to adulthood, through youth and across the lifespan. M. Kelly-Irving (INSERM) is one of the PIs of GENDHI, with N. Bajos (INSERM), M. Darmon (CNRS), P-Y. Geoffard (PSE-EHESS). E. Cambois is a participant. In the framework of the bridges with GINCO, M. Rahal was recruited to do her thesis supervised by E. Cambois and P-Y. Geoffard.

WELLWAYS: Critical events and transitions in family and work and multidimensional wellbeing.

This Franco-Swiss project financed by the Swiss research fund (2019-2021) analysed the determinants of well-being in France and Switzerland based on work and family histories. It was coordinated by L. Bernardi and a team of sociologists and demographers (Life course and Social Inequality Research Center, University of Lausanne). The French component was led by A. Pailhé, E. Cambois and A. Solaz for the analysis of the CONSTANCES data, among others. C. Beaufils and A.Barbuscia participated in this work, the former for her thesis and the latter as a post-doctoral fellow. We shared the work of defining and creating indicators of career and family situations.

VIEILLIR A DEUX: Aging together, conjugal life, inequalities and economic decisions of couples after 50.

This ANR-funded project, led by A. Solaz (Ined), aims to analyze the evolution of marital and economic situations with advancing age. C. Bonnet is also participating. On the basis of this work, their participation in GINCO will allow us to contextualize the professional and family paths and situations.